Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Dear Stephen,
Last night we went back down and walked/rode bikes along the river and took Denise and Franchesca. We went from Millvale clear down to the convention center...6 miles total! Serves me right for taking a cop with me! Jennifer did awesome again even though she took a couple tumbles and ended up with quite a few scratches. Scot taught her how to get up on her bike by herself so now she doesn't need me to hold the bike.

I remembered while I was walking that we walked along the same path to go see the fireworks for Pittsburgh's 200th Anniversary fireworks last year. You didn't want to come because you were tired but you came anyway because you knew I really wanted you to be with me. You were always doing that. Making sure I was happy even if it inconvenienced you.

So many couples seem to live parallel lives. Our lives were completely entwined so there is really nothing I do that I don't have memories of doing with you. It's a blessing and a curse. Seems like I can't completely enjoy myself because you aren't there enjoying it with me.

Today I went to a meeting downtown to discuss details for the Pittsburgh Police Officer Stephen Mayhle/KPMG Memorial Scholarship for IUP. I am so excited about it! Can you believe you are going to have a scholarship in your name?! Such an awesome man! Course you already knew that, right? ;-)

Loving you so much it hurts,

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