Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

Dear Stephen,

The day Jennifer has been dreading for so long is finally here! Thankfully it went really well.

~Before I woke her up. She was supposed to be in her own bed, being wakened by her own alarm clock, but as you can see, they haven't changed and she ended up in our bed.~

~Not at all happy with me and sure I'm making a terrible mistake~

~Still not a happy camper~

~Slightly smiling but only because she was promised money....definitely your daughter~

~Thawing out slightly~

~Awwww, there's our happy kid! She did awesome once she got there and into the school. Not one tear. Didn't even care I left!~

~She's going to be okay...she was even more happy when she realized she gets to sit beside a girl she met last week~

~This is how I left her. She'll do great because she's got her Daddy's brains and charming personality...I was going to say my charming personality but I know you would have argued that you were the one with the better personality. I definitely couldn't put my brains because, after all, I did score 5 points less than you on the IQ test. ;-) You never would let me forget that!~

Missing and loving you so much,


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  1. Oh Shandra! I love the site. It's just so YOU! Some of it is sad, some of it funny: just beautiful - like you. Read - wipe tears - read - laugh. Even now, the boys are planning to follow Stephen's lead and set their wive's scale up 5 pounds (when they get wives!). Charles says that 5 pounds was genius as more would not have been believed. I am so glad that Jennifer relaxed and pray that she will have a good time. Some days I don't want to go to "school" either. lol Thanks for sharing all of this with us. We love you all so much!