Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hey, Babe,
It's been nice having a routine back in our lives again this week. Brooklynn has been awesome at entertaining herself while Jennifer is at school. I've been staying at home for the most part, working around the house.

Jennifer is really liking school. She wasn't a happy camper this morning because she just wanted to sleep in, but never complained about going to school. I'm so happy!

Brooklynn has really bounced back great from surgery. No complications so far and she hardly complains about anything hurting her.

I mowed the yard today. Even though I can't tell that it's making a difference, I want you to know, Mister, that one week I mow the yard vertically, the next I mow it horizontally. I know you loved a checkerboard pattern. Horizontally takes more time, but I remind myself it's how you would have done it.

Because of the new carpet, the door on our old bedroom was awful to shut. So, Krista and I took it to the basement today and used your table saw to cut it shorter. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out! Thanks for making me help you do stuff. I remember seeing you work the machine and we were able to cut it with not problem. Problem solved.

It's been great being home more with Jennifer in school. It feels good to work around the house. I am finding though that unless I have at least small plans for the evening, the day seems endless, with no purpose. I used to love our made my life so happy.

All yours,


  1. Shandra,

    This blog is a very special tribute to your husband...I am overwhelmed, reading it. You all have been in our prayers. I'm glad Stephanie sent me your blog. Glad, too, that Jennifer is enjoying school...that is where my oldest went to kindergarten, so I know it is a great school. Praying for all of you...and hope to meet you someday! ~Sue~

  2. Shandra,
    I certainly understand about the mowing pattern. Ernest has already mentioned learning that from Stephen. He's always pointing out places where he mowed with Stephen, and a couple days ago, we passed your old house, and he said, "I really miss that house." Of course that is not what he really meant. The house is still there...