Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hey, Babe!
Just wanted to tell you some of the stuff Brooklynn has come off with the last several days. I keep thinking you would be getting such a kick out of her!

She told me that she was full of mud. When I asked her why, she told me she didn't know, but she felt it in her bones.

While playing with her Barbie's today, she told me they were being unscrupulous. Granted, she's heard Dad say that, but she used it in context. When Krista asked her what "unscrupulous" meant, she said "They were being bad!"

Wish you were here to laugh with me,

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  1. Kids crack me up! My Meghan graduates next year, so Anna (almost 5) says the other night "When I graduate, I am going to Africa to visit the Whitlocks...is it closer than Alabama?" We all laughed so hard! It's great that you are writing these things down! ~Sue~